Sunday, 29 May 2011

No Lewis, it's not because you're black...'s because sometimes you drive like a fool.

The move on Felipe Massa was extremely ambitious, it was unquestionably causing an avoidable accident, and he was rightly slapped with a drive through penalty. The move on Maldonado was equally unlikely, and made all the more obvious by the fact that it was the closing stages.

It doesn't make sense to me that he is served with the same penalty twice, that's not much of a disincentive. His remarks after the race were petulant to the point of being hilarious, he needs to grow up fast. We saw the best and the worst of Hamilton today, his move on Schumacher was brilliantly timed (much better so than the other two moves) but we also saw the very worst.

Meanwhile, Vettel won again, but he didn't have it all his own way. Mclaren had an off day today, their knee-jerk decision to bring Button in when the safety car appeared cost him the win as Vettel and Alonso cruised past him. Alonso himself had a good day and at one stage it looked like his shrewd tyre strategy might have given him the win, but the safety car on lap 72 made his task almost impossible. It was nonetheless another good drive from him

Vettel didn't have his best race but he still came out on top, that's the mark of a man in form. Webber will be disappointed with fourth after a poor start, Kobayashi drove an intelligent race to take fifth and Hamilton held on to sixth after the post race penalty failed to penalise him. Felipe Massa continued to struggle before being edged into the barriers by that man Hamilton in the tunnel.

Vettel is now in such a commanding position atop the table that it's almost all about the fight for the positions behind him. It will be interesting to see if Alonso can continue his mini-resurgence and if Mclaren can continue to press.


haitchjg said...

Maybe from Lewis' seat they all look the same move.....I thought his move in the tunnel was reckless, surprised the Stewards didn't comment on that at least. All looking a bit desperate for Lewis, lets hope we see some sensible (but exciting) moves in Canada. Didn't think Vettel/RB deserved the win...but then it was Monaco and anything can happen! Shame about the Championship.....but usually the points leader has a couple of off days so lets hope they come soon.

GreenJJ said...

I'm sure they do all look the same. I'm not so sure about the tunnel move, I'm less clear that it was reckless along the same lines that the moves on Massa and Maldonado were. 58 points in the lead, Vettel can afford two DNFs!