Sunday, 12 June 2011

Real chance of a non-Vettel win

For the first time in a good few races there is the very real possibility that someone other than Sebastian Vettel will emerge victorious in today's Canadian Grand Prix.

Yes the young German has put his Red Bull on pole position again, and yes if you watch his fastest qualifying lap he probably had two or three tenths in his pocket (he turned in twice to turn five and went wide at the hairpin), but the two Ferraris directly behind him represent a very genuine threat.

Ferrari, for the first time in 2011, gave good qualifying pace and at one stage it looked like they might even grab pole. Felipe Massa appears to have regained some form, and not before time either, although he was still pipped to second slot by Alonso.

Alonso is in a good position, given his fast starts of late, to hustle Vettel into turn one and if Ferrari can continue their trend of being quicker in the race than they are in qualifying it could be a titanic battle.

Add to that the nature of the Montreal circuit and the possibility of a drop of rain or two, this race is set to be a real treat. Put your money on a safety car.

Race prediction: 1. Alonso 2. Vettel 3. Hamilton


Caron said...

It was an amazing race - so glad for Jenson, and for my two friends in the grandstand at the hairpin who had gone their to cheer him on.

Lewis got what he deserved.

What do you reckon to all the Red Bull talk? I think it's put about my Christian Horner to make Mark Webber sweat and I doubt Lewis is stupid enough to take a seat where he'd be a clear second fiddle to Vettel.

GreenJJ said...

Hi Caron!

Great race, I've not cheered like that for a long time! Well its no less than I'd expect from Lewis, the team who has made his career possible and he wants to leave after four years, when he's had a pretty competitive car every year, 15 wins and a world championship, how dare he? I think Webber is yesterday's man and won't have a top drive next year (clear number two at ferrari is a possibility) so there will be a space at RB but like you say, will Lewis want to gamble going to Vettel's team? Instinctively I'd say yes, I think he'll go wherever the fastest car is, but I think it'd be a bad move. I do think it shows that Jenson has become de facto team leader at Mclaren though -Lewis does himself no favours by constantly criticising the team!